Turning History by Emiliano Battista

18-01 2017 – 18:30 – € 5

Lecture: Turning History by Emiliano Battista [EN]

Ana Torfs’ Story Generator carries its provocation in its title: an arrangement of texts of various provenances and images both historical and artistic that span some five hundred years of history, all of which touch in one way or another on the city of Brussels. The work raises, simultaneously, the question of history and the recuperation of fiction or art for the sake of history, and of history as a subject of art. In the heyday of deconstruction, one often came across the overly simplistic conclusion that all history is fiction, supposedly because history, like fiction, is a narrative arrangement of events, a constructed reality that could, like a work of fiction, have been arranged otherwise. The more interesting question we can explore with Story Generator is that of their interplay, of the way they share the rotating space of the work and contribute to its expanding overall effect.

Ana Torfs has invited a writer (Christophe Van Gerrewey), a philosopher (Emiliano Battista) and an artist (Vincent Meessen) to revisit her story machine, “Story Generator”, in order to create endless spin-offs.

09-11 2016 – 18:30 @ CENTRALE by Vincent Meessen [FR] – 5 €

18-01 2017 – 18:30 @ CENTRALE by Emiliano Battista [EN] – 5 €

25-03 2017 – 17:30 @ PASSA PORTA by Christophe Van Gerrewey [NL]

Rue Antoine Dansaert 46
1000 Bruxelles

Agostino Ramelli’s ‘book wheel’ (1588)