Opening & performance – Angyvir Padilla & Juan Pablo Plazas

KOMPLOT performance Juan and Angyvir - Photos Alexandra Colmenares

Opening & performance – Angyvir Padilla & Juan Pablo Plazas
29.09.2021, 6 > 8:30pm
CENTRALE | vitrine, Rue Sainte-Catherine 13, 1000 Brussels
& CENTRALE | lab, Place Sainte-Catherine 16, 1000 Brussels

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibitions Home contains us and is within us #13 by Angyvir Padilla at CENTRALE.vitrine, and From G to B to K and C (Katelijne, Catherine, Kairos and Cairo) by Juan Pablo Plazas at CENTRALE | lab, the two artists take turns in a performance in movement that begins with Angyvir Padilla, rue Sainte-Catherine 13, and continues with Juan Pablo Plazas in the public space up to CENTRALE | lab, located a 3 minutes’ walk away.

The performance includes a work-in-progress in the vitrine, singing and storytelling during a short promenade, and works and objects to be discovered in a new agency at CENTRALE | lab.