Meet the artist Yannick Ganseman in his studio

Portrait de l'artiste Yannick Ganseman dans son atelier

Meet the artist Yannick Ganseman in his studio (NL)
21.05.2024, 17:00 Postponed
1190 Forest

Yannick Ganseman (1984, lives and works in Brussels) studied at the Academy of Leuven in Sculpture 2002-2003 and in Drawing 2003-2009. He also studied Art History at the VUB in Brussels from 2015 to 2016. His works have been shown in institutions and galleries in Belgium, in France and in Japan. 

The work of visual artist Yannick Ganseman focuses on still lives, intimistic scenes, portraits and landscapes in oil paint and ceramic. The artist often works within the context where the project takes place.

In 2023, he exhibited at Centrale as part of the exhibition Wolken boven Brussel (Nuages). The work ‘Sint-Katelijnekerk’, which was temporarily on display in the public space on the occasion of the exhibition at Centrale, was acquired by Brussels City Museum in 2023. A new public sculpture under construction will be on view in the artist’s studio.
in the artist’s studio.

Photograph © Sahar Khosravi