Meet the artist Cécile Massart

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03-10, 10-10, 17-10, 24-10 & 31-10 2018
14:00 > 18:00
Meet the artist Cécile Massart in her “Shelter studio” (FR)
Included in your entrance ticket to the exhibition.
In the frame of RESISTANCE

Cécile Massart is a visual artist who practices engraving, photography, computer graphics, video, sculpture and installations, and creates artist’s books. Her career is marked by encounters with other artists at various workshops and travels throughout Europe. In 1994, she raised the issue of concealed storage sites of radioactive waste in Europe and worldwide. The resulting artworks appeared under the title “Un site archivé pour alpha, bêta, gamma”. Today, through her artistic work, she intends to educate the public and the relevant authorities about the necessity to clearly identify such sites. For this purpose, the artist is developing specific markers that give current and future generations a strong signal for hundreds of years. In 2008 the artist designed a series of markers and the book ‘COVER’ was issued. Her objective is to inscribe this unique 21st century archeological stratum in the landscape thereby calling for the responsibility of everyone. What kind of energy policy do we want for the future? What heritage do we want to pass on?


26-10Workshop Colours of danger (FR) with artist Cécile Massart