Le Grand BanKet : two years of sharing

On the occasion of the second anniversary of Le Grand BanKet’s, a permanent artwork composed of 10 ceramic tables by Brussels artist Françoise Schein, CENTRALE for contemporary art presents an exhibition dedicated to the artist at CENTRALE.lab, D’un BanKet à l’autre. Celebration around Le Grand BanKet and opening of the exhibition on Wednesday, June 27th.

The district of Sainte-Catherine is once again celebrating on Wednesday, June 27th. CENTRALE for contemporary art celebrates the second anniversary of Le Grand BanKet. This permanent installation was born from a participatory project initiated by the artist Françoise Schein and made possible through the collaboration of  about 120 participants of the neighbourhood.

See you on Wednesday, June 27th from 6pm for an ‘After Work’ at Francoise Schein’s table, with the participation of the brass band Pas ce soir chéri, starting at 6:30pm.

At CENTRALE.lab (Place Sainte-Catherine 16), you can also visit the exhibition D’un BanKet à l’autre, devoted to the work of Françoise Schein.


Wednesday, June 27, from 18:00 à 20:30
Admittion Free

Afterwork at Françoise Schein’s Grand BanKet : Place Sainte-Catherine, behind the church, between CENTRALE and the black tower
With the participation of the fanfare Pas ce soir chéri starting at 18:30

Opening D’un BanKet à l’autre at CENTRALE.lab: Place Sainte-Catherine 16

More info about the exhibition here