POSTPONED – Workshops at CENTRALE – with Camille Van Hoof

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Dear visitors, 

For reasons beyond our control, the workshop on 28.10 is postponed.
CENTRALE’s team thank you for your understanding.

16 & 30.09.2020 ; 14 & 28.10.2020 POSTPONED – 14:00 > 16:00 – € 5 (entrance to the exhibition included and material provided)
Intergenerational workshops (from 8 years)
Info and reservations :  – 02 279 64 44


Shamanic postcards with the artist Camille Van Hoof

Creative illustration workshops (Indian ink and paint) inspired by the worlds of Xavier Noiret-Thomé and Henk Vish.


Postcards truly are wonderful things: they act as portals to magical realms. Once you post them, they become time bombs of emotions, messages sent through time.

Let’s use them as amulets, as offerings to the magical beings who inhabit our minds. Let’s turn into shamans, let’s share our ancestral wisdom, let’s whip out some feathers, pens and brushes and let’s send – without delay – a message to the cosmos.


 16.09.2020 – Postcard / offering to the house sprites


We’ll draw on a blank postcard a picture of one of the many sprites that you might find in your home, office, workshop or any other place of your daily life! For instance, the imp who steals your socks, the radiant fairy who whispers ideas into your ears or the mischievous troll who entangles your wires and your thoughts.

For this, we’ll work in black and white and incorporate one or more natural elements (pieces of wood, leaves, pebbles, feathers, etc.).


30.09.2020 – Shamanic masks to get rid of all your problems 


Each participant shall explain one thing that ails them (heartache, problems at work, existential angst, disappearing socks…). Then we will solve those issues using our shamanic power.

First we’ll come up with ceremonial masks inspired either by African and Amerindian masks or by fairytale creatures then we’ll paint them on a large surface.


14.10.2020 – Portrait Game 

Indian ink drawing/imagination
The great works of arts can be somewhat intimidating and you may be scared of trying to adapt them, even more so if you’re not used to drawing.
We’ll play a portrait game. It’s a drawing game where you only need your ears for listening and a pencil in your hand.
We’ll make our own postcard-sized ‘copies’ of famous paintings.


28.10.2020 Magic amulet  



Using clay, very fine brushes, twigs, pebbles, and such we’ll create talismans to curry favours with the house sprites and to cast our problems away.


Camille Van Hoof

Camille Van Hoof is an author and an illustrator. She’s written and drawn the album ‘Odd Tree’ (Drôle d’arbre)  (Versant Sud Jeunesse). During the day, she creates comics. They are often about magic, strange worlds and characters in need of something more in life. At night (um, actually, also during the day), she runs funny odd courses for children and adults alike, such as a ‘spying course’ or a ‘magic course’.