Guided tour – This is what you came for

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Guided tour with Els Dietvorst & the artists of THE BARЯA MOVEMENT

18 & 25.06.2022, 21.07.2022 – 15:00 > 17:00
From Bozar to CENTRALE – Meet at Bozar at 3pm
Guided tour included with the purchase of your entrance ticket at CENTRALE (free entrance at Bozar)

The artists take you on a guided tour of the double exhibition This is what you came for in Bozar and CENTRALE.

​​​​​​​The exhibition This is what you came for is conceived as an encounter and an invitation. The proposal grew out of the almost ritualistic actions and creations that Els Dietvorst started during the Covid-19 lockdown.

This is what you came for takes place simultaneously at two venues in Brussels – CENTRALE and Bozar – and creates a fluid wave between the two places where one mirrors the other. A mix of sculpture, installation, video and performance will introduce you to the universe of Els Dietvorst, in which she is always looking for connections with people and creates places for encounters.

In the framework of the BelgianArtPrize

Practical information:

Centre for Fine Arts
Rue Ravensteinstraat 23
1000 Brussels

CENTRALE for contemporary art
Place Sainte-Catherine 44
1000 Brussels