Finissage & performance – Juan Pablo Plazas & Noemi Osselaer

Finissage & performance – Juan Pablo Plazas & Noemi Osselaer
30.01.2022, 15:00 > 17:30
CENTRALE | lab, Place Sainte-Catherine 16

On the occasion of the finissage of the exhibition From G to B to K and C, Juan Pablo Plazas brings together all the elements of the 4 months’ work-in-progress, proposing collected objects, stories, sentences, in relation with specific features, people, places, all starting with initials. Also on the programme: a performance by Noemi Osselaer in collaboration with Juan Pablo Plazas.

‘The final day has come, the end of it all. I feel it is time to look back and make sense. Everything looks pretty full except for one panel that remains empty. I have invited Noemi to fill it up with her ideas, traces and plans for the future. She told me a while ago about a performance she wants to do where she explains her recent investigations. I have the intuition that her theories will help me understand everything I did in this space.’ – Juan Pablo Plazas