Finissage & performance – Angyvir Padilla & Juan Pablo Plazas

Finissage & performance – Angyvir Padilla & Juan Pablo Plazas
21.11.2021, 3 > 6pm
CENTRALE | vitrine, Rue Sainte-Catherine 13, 1000 Brussels
& CENTRALE | lab, Place Sainte-Catherine 16, 1000 Brussels

On the occasion of the finissage of the exhibition Home contains us and is within us #13 at CENTRALE | vitrine, Angyvir Padilla & Juan Pablo Plazas perform throughout the afternoon.

At CENTRALE | vitrine, rue Sainte-Catherine 13, Angyvir Padilla brings her domestic clay objects from one stage to another, eventually letting them melt into shapeless forms, thus rendering them to their original state.
At CENTRALE | lab, located a 3 minutes’ walk away on Place Ste Catherine 16, Juan Pablo Plazas brings together all the elements of the 2 months’ work-in-progress, proposing collected objects, stories, sentences, in relation with specific features, people, places, all starting with initials. A new edition by the artist will be presented on this occasion. Also on the programme: a guided tour with the artist and a jam session with Aaron Daem and Thomas Van den Eynde.