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Une exposition sur sept expositions, une exposition sur cette exposition

Exhibition: 18th > 21st January 2024
10:30 AM > 6:00 PM

Between Thursday, January 18th, and Sunday, January 21st, 2024, the seven M1 students in ArBA-EsA’s Masters in Exhibition Practice (CARE) invite you to explore a practical space centered on archiving various forms of historical exhibitions.

During a two-month period, each student collected archival information on an exhibition held between 1980 and 2021. This research has led us to a critical realization: the significance of questioning the legacy of diverse display forms from the past, updating these forms in the present, and determining what elements to retain, discard, translate, or innovate.

Throughout January, Class 9 welcomes you to engage with the research and archiving procedures we’ve encountered in recent months via diverse immersion devices. This temporal space aims to stimulate visitors’ senses, immersing them in a collective project focused on narrating the history of exhibitions.

Visitors are encouraged to participate in this collective endeavor of research and archiving, leaving their own trace—a trace that will itself become an archive of this exhibition about seven exhibitions.


Thursday: Exhibition activation – performance reading
Friday – Saturday: Open exhibition
Sunday: Closing – archiving performance of visitors’ traces

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