Conversation with Ronny Delrue

Conversation with Ronny Delrue (NL)
08.12.2019, 15:00
With Carine Fol (CENTRALE) and Philippe Van Cauteren (S.M.A.K.), curators of the exhibition Correspondances
€ 5 – conference
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Ronny Delrue (born in Heestert, Belgium, in 1957) lives and works in Ghent. He is a painter, illustrator and sculptor. He did his doctoral thesis (“Het Onbewaakte Moment: discussions with various artists on the theme of drawing and the role of the ‘uncontrolled’, which led to a reflection of his artistic approach) published by the Fonds Mercator. He is represented by Charleroi’s Jacques Cerami gallery.
Ronny Delrue’s photographs result from emotional and intellectual experiences and his journal notes constitute the fertile ground for his experiments. Contradictions such as abstraction and figuration, apparition and disappearance, beauty and ugliness, souvenir and oblivion are crucial to him. The tension between will and fear of destruction also plays a major role in his work.
For Delrue, an art piece must dissimulate as much as it reveals. His paintings exist in the twilight area of imagined reality. According to Delrue, drawing is simultaneously thinking, creating and going on a journey. Drawing enables him to create another world that he discovers as it takes shape under the trait of his pencil.

Ronny Delrue, 2018 © François Boffin