Conversation with Gérard Preszow, Ronny Delrue, Thierry Van Hasselt, Carine Fol & Anne-Françoise Rouche

Conversation with Gérard Preszow, Ronny Delrue, Carine Fol, Thierry Van Hasselt and Anne-Françoise Rouche (FR, NL)
23.02.2020, 15:00 > 16:30

€ 5 – conference
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Presentation and screening of Gérard Preszow’s film Couples en résidence & conversation about Autour de la marge – Kanttekening (Bruges 2002, European Capital of Culture)

Brugge, May 2002: four disabled artists and four contemporary artists take a house for a week. They have been invited to prepare an exhibit during this time. Couples in residence portrays the core of this cooperation: how does each artistic couple manage to reach its common goals? What artistic and moral values prevail? What does the other want? How is one to understand the other? Who then is this other? And the other of the other? “Couples in residence” is as much about art and its boundaries as it is about the misunderstandings, suffering, and joy of today’s couple.