Back to Normal / Orchestre d’un jour

22-01 2017 – 09.00 > 18.00


Musician for a day or always been? Singer under the shower or experienced instrumentalist? It doesn’t matter! Composer Baudouin de Jaer invites you to la CENTRALE on January 22, 2017 for a unique experience. Even if you can’t read a note, no worries! The only thing that matters is the desire to discover, share and make music together!

Bring an instrument or an object that makes a noise sounds, spark your inspiration and participate in this musical collective and this moment of unforgettable exchange. Alone, in group, with friends or family, come and live an extraordinary experience with your orchestra!! Let the music start!

Baudouin de Jaer was born in 1962 in Aalst, Belgium.
Composer, violinist, he studied composition at the Conservatory of Liège and the McGill University in Montreal. His works are performed all over the world from the Klangzeit Munster to the Seoul Changmu International Art through the Kunstenfestivaldesarts and the ARS Musica festival.
The Back To Normal / One Day Orchestra, created in Liège in 1991, currently offers one-day orchestras in Belgium and abroad, Berlin, Como, Milan, Lille, Neuchâtel, Besançon and Seoul. And for his next stopover he’s landing at the CENTRALE.

Youssef Khattabi – T. +32 (0)2 279 64 23