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Master’s programme in exhibition practices

The master’s programme in exhibition practices (CARE) is a new programme which the Académie royale des Beaux-Arts – École supérieure des Arts (ArBA-EsA) started in September 2015. CARE’s aim is to reflect and renew practices of exhibition and mediation. This programme is being structured in close collaboration with specialised institutions and enjoys a special partnership with la CENTRALE for contemporary art. The very form of the programme makes it a crossroads: between art centre and art school, between disciplines, courses and practices. Perhaps that is where we shall have to invent ourselves: being at the crossroads, hence a determined lack of definiteness. The programm is all about thinking the dispositifs, forms of installation, mediations, forms of staging. It is also a matter of looking and listening, as in an echo of the title of the programme, which invites us to ‘take care’. Paying attention to the works, the artists, the qualities of places, the audiences, the installation and all the stages which structure the exhibition and make it exist. Also inventing oneself through singular projects which will take care to displace definitions. The course encourages students to acquire an anchoring in the professional world, proposing collective and collaborative experimentation, visits, encounters. The studio proposals pave the way for broader reflections, set things in motion, and make it possible to specify or spark a singular proposal.

French is the chief language of communication within the programme. Candidates should show a satisfactory level of knowledge of both
French and English.

Admission is based on an application dossier and an interview.
Contact : Aurélie Gravelat
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